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Federal Capital Territory Internal Revenue Service (FCT-IRS) came into being vide the FCT Internal Revenue Service Act of 2015 and is the only “State” Internal Revenue Service in the Country, established by the National Assembly. The Agency is empowered by the Federal Legislature to administer tax and non-tax revenues accruable to the Federal Capital Territory, and is thus responsible for the collection of all the taxes collectible by a state government in accordance with the Taxes and Levies (approved List of Collection) Act of 1998 As Amended. The Service is also responsible for the coordination of collection of all other revenues accruable to the Federal Capital Territory.

Since the effective taking over of the administration of Personal Income Tax from the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) in January 2018, we have committed ourselves to providing an all-inclusive and sustainable tax administration system in the FCT that optimises the processes, systems and resources used in the assessment, collection and accounting of taxes, levies and other revenues in the FCT for the benefit of all residents and people working in the FCT.

Guided by the passion to generate the necessary funds for the provision of infrastructure and municipal services in the FCT, we aspire to be the leading tax authority in the West African sub region, in terms of professionalism, ease of doing business and overall turn over.



• Assessment of all chargeable persons, collection, and accounting of all revenue accruable to FCT.
• Enforcement of compliance with the provision of the Act.
• Provision of guidelines for the Tax Administration in FCT.


To be a model Internal Revenue Service to serve as a benchmark for Africa.


To provide an effective & efficient Tax Administration through continuous innovation.

Core Values

• Teamwork • Integrity • Professionalism • Accountability
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