Application Requirement for Employee under the
Pay As You Earn (PAYE) Scheme

PART A: Pre-requisite (Required from the Organization)
I. EMPLOYER’S ANNUAL DECLARATION AND CERTIFICATE Form H1 Employer must have submitted Form H1 and Form G for the Organization.
II. EMPLOYERS REMITTANCE FORM – Form G – Evidence of Payment of the PAYE for the Previous Years from the Employer.
III. Evidence of Payments for Allowable Deductions Claimed: Pension, NHF, NHIS and Life Assurance.

PART B: Required Documents from the Applicant.
I. FCT-IRS TIN Domiciled in Tax Office
II. Application Letter Addressed to The Tax Controller (Optional)
III. Duly Completed Personal Income Tax Annual Returns Form (Form A) including Benefit in Kind (BIK) if any
IV. Duty Completed TCC Application Form (Form 802)
V. Photocopy of Staff ID Card or Valid Means of Identification Pay slips for Previous Three Years (Jan, April, Sept and December Only)
VI. Bank Statement of the individual Taxpayer (if no Payslips)
VII. Photocopy of Previous TCC (in case of renewal)
VIII. Other Relevant Documents as requested