FCT-Internal Revenue Service unveils Innovative E-Portal to Bridge Tradition and Modernity

The FCT-Internal Revenue Service (FCT-IRS) proudly announced the official unveiling of its cutting-edge E-Portal today. This significant development marks a pivotal moment in the Service’s commitment to embracing technology and bridging the gap between tradition and modernity in tax administration.

During the unveiling ceremony, the Ag. Executive Chairman of FCT-IRS Mr. Haruna Y Abdullahi who was represented by the Acting Director Tax, FCT-IRS Mrs. Chinwe Anohu-Ndu delivered a compelling speech highlighting the importance of the E-Portal initiative.

“We are thrilled to introduce the FCT-IRS E-Portal, a transformative platform that will revolutionize the way taxpayers interact with our service. This portal represents our dedication to leveraging technology to enhance efficiency, transparency, and accessibility in tax processes. By bridging the gap between tradition and modernity, we are taking a significant step towards a more streamlined and customer-centric tax administration.”

He added that the FCT-IRS E-Portal is set to empower taxpayers with convenient access to online services, streamlined tax filing processes, and real-time updates on tax matters. Abdullahi emphasized that the digital platform aims to enhance the overall taxpayer experience and facilitate seamless communication between taxpayers and the tax authority.

Championing the unveiling of the E-Portal was the Head of ICT, FCT-IRS Mr. James Olukotun who described the E-Portal as an “Art Work” with a philosophy to eliminate the gap between tradition and modernity. He reiterated that the portal serves as a platform for services not particularly mentioned as a module in tax administration such as registration, assessment, TCC amongst others.
Commenting on the safety of the portal, James highlighted that it has been extensively secured in order to prevent illegal and unauthorized access.

In the same vein, he commended the Service for being the pilot Internal Revenue Service for JTB integration on TCC. He pointed out that the FCT-IRS Assessment Module is arguably one of our best modules. Adding that the system is compliant with the latest Finance Act to access taxpayers.

In his words “ just like every other software there will be subsequent updates to the E-Portal so as to guarantee utmost functionality”.

The Director/CEO of Autocom, Mr. Bosun Ayeni who partnered with the Service on this project. While delivering a goodwill message, expressed gratitude to the Executive Chairman for the opportunity to be a part of the E-Portal project.
He said “it is a privilege to be a technical partner on this milestone achievement. Our vision is to support the FCT-IRS in bringing their goal to life and I would like to reassure the Chairman that we will continue to strive to take the Service to greater heights”.
Bosun added that the E-Portal is a step in the right direction as it not only promotes ease of tax processes but also fosters transparency and accountability. He said that as regards the three major domains of revenue generation which are accounting, law and technology, the FCT-IRS continues to top the chart.

A goodwill message was also delivered by the Deputy Director, Land Department FCTA, ……
He stated that the Department of Land Administration being one of the highest revenue generating departments in the FCT is particularly elated by this initiative. He said the e-portal goes a long way in proving that the Service holds in high regards the values of transparency and integrity. While commending the Executive Chairman and the technical team for the tremendous work put into the launching of the E-Portal, he also encouraged them to continue to improve on it in order to ensure longevity.
Ultimately, FCT-IRS remains dedicated to providing quality service delivery and embracing digital transformation for the benefit of all taxpayers in the FCT.